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Senior Spotlight: Andrew Massey

Senior Spotlight Andrew Massey: Soccer – 12 years – Defense and Midfield – 1#3 Future Plans: College for electrical or mechanical engineering Special Thanks: Thanks to all my friends, family, and teachers who helped me get through my school years and inspired me to be the best that I can be. Words of Wisdom: Hey, guys had fun playing with you for these

Senior Spotlight: Marissa Taghon

Senior Spotlight Marissa Taghon: Soccer  – 4 years – Center Midfield – #18 – Team Captain Future Plans: Piedmont College Major- Nursing Words of Thanks: I just want to thank my coaches and my teams for giving me the best four years of my life. Every single one of you guys have made me a better player and a better person

Senior Spotlight: Tulio Crosthwaite

Senior Spotlight Tulio Crosthwaite: Soccer –  4 years of high school, 15 years total – Midfield/defense – #2   Future Plans: I plan on serving in the United States Air Force. Joining the military (active duty) has been a goal of mine throughout life so I can support a greater cause, travel the world, and meet new people/cultures

Senior Spotlight: Trenton Jones

Senior Spotlight Trenton Jones: Soccer – 2 years – Positions Rw , St, Lb – #9 Future Plans:  I plan on attending Columbus State University in order to aid in my pursuit of a future career in computer science. An alternative career choice I am interested in is in being a Psychiatrist. I am interested in it because I

Senior Spotlight: Gavin Stewart

Senior Spotlight Gavin Stewart: Soccer – 4 years – Center back – #16 – Team Captain Future Plans: New Mexico State University/Accounting Words of Thanks: I would like to thank my friends and family for all the love and support they gave me. As well as all my coaches and teachers for pushing me to exceed my limits

Senior Spotlight: Alanna Ramsey

Senior Spotlight Alanna Ramsey: Sideline cheer and track – cheer(4yrs) – track(1yr) Future Plans: I will be attending Spelman college to major in health sciences pre-nursing and follow my dream of being a Geriatrician. Words of Thanks: I want to thank Coach Briggs for having faith in me. When I first started doing track again I was

Senior Spotlight: Malcolm Johnson

SENIOR SPOTLIGHT Malcolm Johnson: Track (2 years), basketball (3years), football (2 years) •Position- sprinter/triple jumper, shooting guard, safety/wide receiver #3, #21 Future Plans: I plan on attending a 4 year ministry based university.  I want to major in Biblical Studies and Theology.  My desire is to become an evangelist or pursue any field in ministry.  I

Senior Spotlight: KeShaun Berry

Senior Spotlight KeShaun Berry: Track – 4 years – Sprinter – Team Captain Future Plans: My plan is to attend Kennesaw State University. I plan on studying Mechanical Engineering and Architecture to become an architect. Words of Thanks: Thank you Northside for allowing me to continue to run in the best track and field program. I thank my coaches for

Senior Spotlight: Clark Cousins

Senior Spotlight Clark Cousins: Track and Field – 4 years – 800 Meter Run – Future Plans: I will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech Word of Thanks: I would like to thank all my coaches for helping me improve and mature over the past four years. Thank you to my teammates, past and

Senior Spotlight: Mack Williams

Senior Spotlight Mack Williams: Baseball – 4 years – Outfield/Pitcher – #9   Future Plans: South Georgia State College to play baseball/Undecided Words of Thanks: I want to thank Northside for the best 4 years of my life and all the people I met along the way.  I want to thank all the students that supported the baseball team during our